End of kits

Matthew Hurst


I will have to completely agree with Elden Gatwood...all this doom and gloom?!?!?!?

I was just at a recent show and ran into a younger modeler than I, he was 18 (I am 32 by the way), and I spent some time talking to him, asking him of his interests and modeling prospects. He informed me that his interest lie in (cue dramatic music) the 1920's!!!! Right smack dab in the steam era.

As we conversed, we strolled over the Stephen Funaro's table and he proceeded to purchase some resin cars, the first ones in his collection. Since then we have been conversing over modeling tips and tricks to assembling resin cars.

I think this is probably were we as "Steam Era Modelers" should go...help the educate the younger modelers appreciate the satisfaction in building something...anything.

By the way, I am one of those thirty somethings Elden was talking about at the PRRT&HS convention. I love the steam era.

Matthew Hurst
Modeling the PRR and a little forgotten shortline in Pennsylvania...the Huntingdon and Broad Top in the late 1940's.

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