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Briefly, on the Lackawanna and most major railroads "car accounting" was done by IBM punch card systems. Car yard clerk reports, interchange reports, train consists, per diem charges, etc. were sent to Scranton by train mail, teletype, etc.
All reports of car movements were sent to Scranton where cards were punch from the input data. then collated by owner railroad, etc. and collated into reports by railraod. These reports were collated monthly by railroad and then sent toa  region clearing house. There the plus and minus charges for each two railroads was calculated and each railroad billed or paid to the clearing hose. Which in turn made total charges / or payments and sent a check or bills to each railroad for the clearing house.
The Lackawanna's car accounting / IBM processing dept occupied an entire in the Scranton office/ depot building.
In the '30s and 40's the railroads were one of IBM's largest customers.
Chuck Yungkurth
Boulder CO

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This may be off topic, but if so, can somebody steer me to the right group?  In this day of computers and electronic transfers per diem should be easy.  Is there still per diem on freight cars?
In the steam era it would seem a logistical nightmare.  How did they keep track of cars and transfer money?  How often?
Francis A. Pehowic, Jr.
Sunbury, Pa.

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