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I remember in the mid late 60's hobby shops were dropping trains since nobody was buying "train sets" anymore, they just wanted slot cars. Finding anything but basic model railroad supplies was dificult for awhile (remember styrofoam tunnels for scenery?) As long as there's enough clubs having open houses and open memberships, I think there will be a hobby for quite a long time yet. Maybe as long as it take to work through my stash of steam era freight car kits.

Tom Casey

of that since I started doing serious modeling in the early 70s. Yet today the variety of hobby products (including steam era freight cars) is greater than ever, and inflation-adjusted prices are not out of line with those of 20, 30, or 40 years ago.

Robert Simpson

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This discussion reminds me of the 1950s, when the emergence of injection-molded plastic threatened the then-dominance of metal, wood and cardstock. "There won't be any more craftsmen," was one of the cries often heard. And the emergence of kits that didn't require creating or finishing some parts yourself? Sacrilege! "Soon there won't be anyone capable of building anything by themselves." 'Nuff said.

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