Re: Paint Question: NKP 1932 ara boxcar

Ray Breyer

Hi Brad,

Actually, for this particular car the "correct" answer is pretty simple:
"Anything goes, knock yourself out"

Based on the photos that I have of the 13000-series cars, some were delivered in all-mineral brown, while others were delivered in the AMC-standard "all black with dark brown sides". Oh: and those cars had black doors too, which don't seem to have lasted very long in service.

Lettering changed by 1940, with the road dropping the large corporate initials on the left side of the door, and with the semi-regular use of the "swing tail R" road name to the right. The cars began getting metal running boards in the late 1940s.

By the early 1950s, the cars were a jumbled mess. Some were all brown, some had black roofs and ends, and some even had bare galvanized roofs with brown roof ribs. The NKP was generally pretty standard about how they painted their cars, but these things got a little bit of everything. It's best to pick a specific car from a specific year, and model that individual car!

 Let me know if you need photos of these cars; I've got 17 or so.


Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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I would appreciate advice on paint colors for this car.
Seeking paint colors for:
Roof walk

Sides and Ends

Thanks in advance,
Brad Andonian
Brad, to get a useful answer, you have to tell us what year the car was painted (not the year it was built, unless you're modeling the 1930s).  I'm going to assume that you're modeling the post-World-War-II period, in which case underbody and trucks, ends, roof, and running boards would be black, sides mineral red.  If my assumption is wrong, then all bets are off.  Freight cars were often in service for 30-40 years or more and paint and lettering commonly varied repeatedly over time, so you really have to be specific - the more specific the better - about the period you';re modeling.

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