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I am a member of the SFRHMS. I have amassed a large library of reference books, including many written by yourself. I've only read a small portion of them in detail. My primary intent of this post was to find the best place to start. I can identify what type of car (box, hopper, etc) and size. I can generally identify the railroad. I can identify general types of construction for sides and ends. I can tell a sliding door from a plug type. I'm weak on roofs. When it comes to detaIls, do you focus on stirrup styles, brake system details, brake wheels, roof walks, etc? Should I focus on details or take a broader stroke first? Like so many other things in our world, it is probably another "it depends" situation. I'm trying see where I should focus my attention first. All of the feedback has been great.
Keith Kempster
Jacksonville, FL

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Now, the one thing you definitely have going for you is that you are doing Santa Fe, which, like PRR has a huge following of modelers and other fanatics. So you should be in the same situation, where you can get diagrams, rosters, photos, paint and lettering information too. You might have to look, but I guarantee it is out there.

John is right, and the place to start is with the Santa Fe Railway Historical and Modeling Society, which is having its annual meeting next weekend in Flagstaff AZ. Flagstaff is a long way from Jacksonville, but the society is as near as its web site <>. The society has a long list of books in print, including its Rolling Stock Reference Series, as well as a variety of on site resources.

Richard Hendrickson

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