Re: My first airbrush

Clark Propst

I'm sure you'll get plenty of recommendations for the best airbrush to paint and weather your freight cars with.

I've used a Paasche H for years. The thing is a tank. I have siphon lids made up for the common paint brands. I unscrew the paint bottle lid, screw on the appropriate siphon lid, stick it on the airbrush and paint. If I'm painting a car more than one color I start with the lightest color and work darker to avoid cleaning the brush between colors. After painting I clean by squirt brake cleaner through the brush and lid. The average cars takes less than 10 mins. to paint. Start to finish. I do disassemble and clean the airbrush in lacquer thinner a couple times a year if I'm doing a lot of rolling stock.

PS This approach doesn't work well with acrylics. If I use them I have enough air hose to get to a sink so I can flush clean the brush and lid with water.

That's my bottom of the barrel simple and quick approach...
Clark Propst

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