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Mark Drake <markstation01@...>

Great info Dennis, my old 200 could use a tune-up

Mark L. Drake
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Sent: Saturday, July 27, 2013 10:12 AM
Subject: Re: [STMFC] My first airbrush

  I own 6 airbrushes.  Out of the 6, I have 2 Badger 150s.  I wore the 1st one out.  By the way, it was one of the first 150s.  I bought one direct from Badger at their "garage sale" for $35.00.  I told Dino at Badger, about the airbrush and he wanted to see it.  I sent it out and a week or so it returned.  They totally rebuilt it.  I called and asked what the price was on the rebuild and he said the airbrush was garrenteed for life.  What a deal!!!!

Dennis Williams/Owner

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Subject: RE: [STMFC] My first airbrush



What airbrush to use is a topic akin to religion. Everyone has their own idea of what is best. Likely, we'll now hear a long litany of "I use XYZ and love it..." with more brands named than you can count. Instead of doing that, I suggest that you do two things. Fist think about versatility. You may not use acrylics right now, for example, but that is definitely the trend in the paint industry, so you might want to purchase an airbrush designed to work well with them. Second, test drive a few to see how YOU like them. (Oh and there are lengthy discussions in the archives on how to best use any number of airbrushes)

Bruce (a Badger 220 user)
Bruce Smith
Auburn AL
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Subject: [STMFC] My first airbrush

I see the need to plan to acquire an airbrush for my modeling efforts. This may be off topic for this group but I was wondering if you all have any input on what direction I should go. If off topic, feel free to contact me off list.
I already have a compressor in my garage. I'm looking at the A7778 Metal Body Airbrushby Testor. It's probably more than I need right now, but I figure I'll grow into it. I've seen other brands like Badger, Paasche and Iwata. All get good reviews. I'm sure there are favorites out there. Oh, I will be using it for general painting as well weathering.
Any input is appreciated.
Keith Kempster
Jacksonville, FL


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