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ron christensen

Manure was/is used for fertilizer, it is plowed under and not on the top of the ground that the watermelon matures in.
Back in the days we are talking about, they were not waxed as far as I know and observed as they were shipped into the wholesale market.
A short watermelon story
The local Milwaukee station agent would be called if the melons came in broken.
He would pay for them at the going rate. Well after a while he got tried of this because the wholesaler would than sell the broken pieces, besides getting paid for it by the railroad.
So the next time a car had some broken melons, the agent gathered up all the local boys he could find handy and took them with him as he paid the wholesaler. The agent than turned to the boys and said melons on me. The wholesaler not happy, never asked for payment again. True story from the 50's, names are missing to protect those still alive.
Ron Christensen

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Beyond the normal dumping of the floor sand base,Why would the stock cars need cleaning?  Melons grow in dung and are rinsed and waxed for resale before showing up on the store rack.

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