Re: My first airbrush

Greg Martin


I would advice you to take baby steps. I would recommend you start with
this Harbor Freight airbrush:

It is not a bad starter brush and if you can work at mastering it then all
others will be a piece of cake. There will be no frustration here with this
brush it operates just fine. Both types of brushes work on the same
principle either external mix or internal mix respectfully. I own six
airbrushed including this one. It is simple to clean easy to adjust the air flow and
when you become disciplined spraying and cleaning then you can move up and
your learning curve is less expensive.

BTW this is the brush I am most likely to grab for quick projects.

Clean your brush every time you change colors and your brush will last
forever. Get a supply of pipe cleaners and an old tooth brush.

Just my 2ยข worth

Greg Martin

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