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Eric Lombard

Here are some thoughts about this car... Not a conclusion, just some thoughts about a possible origin.

Some observations:
Straight side sill
Fishbelly center sill
wood ends (based on metal corner brackets)
roof and door very likely not original

Some math:
A 5-6-5 Youngstown door is common as replacement on cars of 8-3 to 8-7 IH

6 x a 6' door width gives car of ~36'
6 x a 5' door width gives car of ~30'

About 32,000 Cars of IL ~36' and IH ~8'-3" to 8'-7", steel underframe, and wood ends were built 1910-1914. Some of these cars had fishbelly side sills and would not be candidates.
Cars of IL ~30' and IH ~8-3 to 8-7 were rarely built (and none with steel underframe).

So, go with probable length of ~36' and inside height of ~8'-3" to 8'-7".

Back to the S&NY:
the handfull of box cars in ORER for S&NY through 1910 are too small to be this car. S&NY with no box cars 1920-on.

NYC System built over 30,000 cars with steel underframes having fishbelly center sills and straight side sills, wood ends, and of IL 36' and IH 8'-4" to 8'-6 between 1910 and 1914.This is clearly the vast majority cars with these features built.

So, S&NY 303 *might* have a NYC System heritage. Following are a couple of difficulties with this as a conclusion (and perhaps some others of you will come up with more).

Examining builder photos of the NYC System cars gives some pause:
The end end sills on S&NY 303 from what one can see, are, well, what are they? The sill on the right casts a shadow and so would appear to project out wider than the side sills. None of the ACF builder photos available to me for the NYC cars show anything like this.

Using the door as a ruler again, the kingpin appears to be about 5-8 to 5-10 from the outer face of the end sill on S&NY 303. Equipment diagrams of the NYC cars indicate a 5-6 distance to the striker on all series.

Eric Lombard

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I am trying to track down the origin of this boxcar:

SNY boxcar
It is listed on the 1905 ORER as being 33' 5" long, 8' 4" wide, and 6'
10" in height, capacity 60000 lbs. It was still on the property on the
October 1940 ORER as a MOW car. I believe the photo was taken between
1938 and 1942.

Something sticks in my head that this might be a former P&R car, but
I'm not sure.

Also, what kind of funky trucks are those?

Those dates look about right, as the car has been re-equipped with a steel roof (Hutchins?) and Youngstown corrugated steel doors. I don't know the origin of the car, but there's nothing "funky" about those trucks; they were Thielsen arch bars, which were applied to thousands of freight cars around the turn of the century.

Richard Hendrickson

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