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O Fenton Wells

Thanks Dave, I'll look a tteh two air brushes and give one a try.
Fenton Wells

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My only long term experience with a quality airbrush has been 30+ years
a Paasche H single action gun.

I have since used a friend's Badger single action gun, and honestly, if I'd
bought THAT gun 30+ years ago, I reckon I'd still be using it.

Both gave such good results that there would be no reason to change.

And I'm sure owners of the other leading brands would tell a similar story.

My Paasche came with three needle & nozzle assemblies.

One of the smaller ones was great for solvent based paints, and when I
acrylics, the large size worked well.

From my experience there are four crucial points to address when using

1) Use low pressure - around 15-17psi works for me.

2) Use a larger needle/nozzle assy (see above)

3) Paint should be a milky consistency (this applies to all paint, not
just acrylics)

4) Use a retarder to slow down the drying time (Badger make one) and
you will solve the problem of paint drying in the gun.


Dave North

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