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I am trying to track down the origin of this boxcar:

SNY boxcar
It is listed on the 1905 ORER as being 33' 5" long, 8' 4" wide, and 6'
10" in height, capacity 60000 lbs. It was still on the property on the
October 1940 ORER as a MOW car. I believe the photo was taken between
1938 and 1942.

Something sticks in my head that this might be a former P&R car, but
I'm not sure.

Also, what kind of funky trucks are those?


Mike H.


Without a lot of digging there is something about that car that makes me think it is off of one of Sam Pinsly's earliest roads and
located in central NY state, though that may be totally off the wall.
The added grab iron to the left of the door and the foot rail below
make me wonder if it was largely restricted to LCL service and never
left the home road. Have never seen such additions on a freight car
in regular interchange service.

Just some quick thoughts on an interesting car, Don Valentine

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