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Kenneth Montero


I have some Floquil that is over 40 years old, and still can be used. It appears to be how well the seal on the bottle is maintained.

Ken Montero

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Bruce's advise about acrylics is good. I started out air-brushing
Floquil and Scalecoat for brass) and still use Floquil, regardless
of complaints about color quality control. (When Testors announced
the discontinuance of Floquil, I put in a $200 order with Caboose
Hobbies of the colors I use the most...I think that I'll have enough
to finish my stash of 100 resin kits.)
Hmmmm,Jack. Do you really think the Floquil will keep that long?
I'm still using some Scalecoat from the original company on Velmont Ave. in Birmingham, Alabama and gave Armand Premo a bottle of 410M
years ago that had "dried out" but which he managed to resurrect.
I have yet to find Floquil that could/would ever match that longevity, however. Or will you have all 100 resin kits constructed within the next six months???? VBG

Cordially, Don Valentine

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