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Armand Premo

Barrett (Tarvia) a division of Allied Chemical had hopper bottom tank cars for shipping roofing material.Looked pretty much like an ordinary tank car,but with hoppers.They may have been converted tank cars.Armand Premo

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> Any comments or thoughts on the True line CN slab side covered hopper? Did they ever come to the US?
> Bill McCoy
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Potash was a common commodity for these cars right through the 60's and into the early 1970's. I have data from the Ann Arbor RR carferry manifests showing them loaded in Saskatchewan and routed CN-DWP-SOO-AA or CP-SOO-AA. From there they went to lots of co-op and crop service places in Michigan and throughout the midwest. The slab-sides weren't the only covered hoppers in this service. The CN and CP "tank hoppers" were common too.

Craig Wilson

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