Re: DL&W 46155 gets a load of bagged limestone 1957 (UNCLASSIFIED)

Jack Mullen

I guess I need to remember to indicate humor. Both Dennis and Gene wrote good, serious responses to what I had, for the most part, intended as a play on Eldon's "What more could a modeler want?"

Gene did start with humor.

Round, typically.
If I'd said "hand brake" as Gene suggests, it would have left open the possibility of a lever handbrake. Not round, but uncommon on boxcars.
Not to criticize Jack specifically but it would be more accurate to speak of the "hand brake"
I did want to call attention to the missing door. I agree that this is evidence that the car is being unloaded. If loaded with a door missing, not only is it going to get a trip to the rip track and a few days delay, I think the railroad could refuse to handle it until it's unloaded.

Dennis is quite right that customers would jerk stuck doors off the car, and occasionally a door that was stubborn would lift off the track and fall when someone was trying slide it open. Unlatched doors sometimes fall off of moving cars, especially so with plug doors.

Thanks for your comments, Gene and Dennis.

Jack Mullen

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