Re: DL&W 46155 gets a load of bagged limestone 1957 (UNCLASSIFIED)

Gatwood, Elden J SAD

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Door? Door? So, now you want a door?

So, here's a door....

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Well, I'd like to know what happened to the door.

And some modelers probably want to know what kind of brake wheel it has.

Seriously, are you sure it's being loaded? My impression is that the setup looks like unloading.

Jack Mullen
Well, I can answer that. My Dad (who worked for a lumber yard during the thirties) told me how they dealt with doors that were jammed because the load had shifted against them... They'd back a truck up to the door, perpendicular to the track, wedge the hooks of a couple chains behind the edges of the door, and hook the chains to the truck. Then they'd drive straight away from the car; when the slack ran out, the door popped off the side of the car. When they'd finished unloading, they'd throw the door into the empty car for the railroad to deal with.

Which is why I say the car is being UNloaded... no sense loading a car that's going to the RIP track.


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