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Tony, US roads' cars were loaded with grain in Canada as well.

The CN Tiffin elevator in Midland, Ontario received 333,000 bushels of 2Y corn ex steamer Philip Minch on 11 April, 1942. This was shipped out as follows, these being just a FEW examples--

1 April, 1943--1500 bushels--MILW 711745
10 April, 1943--2000 bushels--SP 27479
10 April, 1943--1500 bushels--CB&Q 13216
23 June, 1943--1930.1 bushels--ATSF 137779
25 June, 1943--2000 bushels--UP 183874 and UP 181730
28 June, 1943--2000 bushels--SP 97488

Steve Lucas.

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Bruce Smith wrote:
Absolutely! Shipments from Canada to just about anywhere in the US could be carried in these cars. The real issue is that they were not supposed to be used for complete movements on this side of the border.
I know this was the rule. But in the conductor books I have from the SP Coast Line in 1948-1952, of the three Canadian cars which show up (out of about 2000 cars total), two are being reloaded in California.

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