Re: Canadian 8-hatch reefers

Tony Thompson

Don Valentine wrote:
This question has already received appropriate response but had me wondering again about the same question applied to the 8-hatch reefers also used by both of the two large Canadian roads. In watching a railroad video over the weekend the answer became clear with at least the CNR gray 8-hatch reefers when one appeared on a train photographed in southern New England. I'm not going to speculate on how many or how far they came into the US but clearly at least one car can be documented from wich I will speculate that it was not the only one. As we used to hear quite often, "There's a prototype for everything".
Meat, of course, was one important cargo. As it happens, I have just finished weathering a TLT 8-hatch reefer and have written about in a blog post. But not just because of the prototype, though that's relevant, but because of a connection to my teenage modeling days. If you're interested, it's at this link:

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