Re: DL&W 46155 gets a load of bagged limestone 1957 (UNCLASSIFIED)


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Well, I can answer that. My Dad (who worked for a lumber yard during the thirties) told me how they dealt with doors that were jammed because the load had shifted against them... They'd back a truck up to the door, perpendicular to the track, wedge the hooks of a couple chains behind the edges of the door, and hook the chains to the truck. Then they'd drive straight away from the car; when the slack ran out, the door popped off the side of the car. When they'd finished unloading, they'd throw the door into the empty car for the railroad to deal with.

I had the misfortune to unload a 40 ft PS1 box car full of bags of charcoal on the hottest day in the summer. My employer opened the stuck door by wedging a 2X4 between the edge on the door and the grill of his truck and pushing with the truck. They must have used a similar movement to close the door.

Coming home on the bus my face was blacked with charcoal dust and pigment which came off of the bags.

THey'd be in trouble if the door came off. It took over a week to unload the box car.

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