Re: DL&W 46155 gets a load of bagged limestone 1957 (UNCLASSIFIED)

Jack Mullen

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Door? Door? So, now you want a door?

So, here's a door....

Elden Gatwood;op2=And;rgn2=ic_all;xc=1;g=imls;sort=dc_da;q1=railroad;size=20;c=hpicasc;c=hpicchatham;c=hpiccma;c=hpichswp;c=hpicmonroeville;c=hpicnpl;c=hpicoakmont;c=hpicphlf;c=hpicpitcairn;c=hpicpointpark;c=hpicrsc;c=hpicusc;back=back1375190442;subview=detail;resnum=4638;view=entry;lastview=thumbnail;cc=hpicasc;entryid=x-200907.1957.10021;viewid=20121127-HPICASC-0125.TIF

Yeah, that's the one we were looking for! Hey, great service, Eldon.
Nice of them to take the door off so we'd have a clear view of the Phoebe Snow lettering in the first photo.

Jack Mullen
(Note: the above content is humor related)

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