Russell plows in the Poconos


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I have been accumulating data on Russell snow plows for several years
now. There are still many gaps in my Russell construction roster.
If anyone has data on any Russell snow plows and is willing to share,
please contact me off list.
Hi Gene,

Whatta worthy project. I'll dig up what I have on the Lackawanna
equipment when I have more time (if you need it), and I have some questions
for you. The Lackawanna bought wooden plows and flangers from Russell, but
in the steel era it bought (I think) one double track plow from Russell and
built what appear to be carbon copies of it on the heavy cast tender frames
of retired steam locomotives. Three of these survived into the 1990s. The
home builts including one single track plow and a few double track plows, and
they were distinctive in that the tender trucks remained. I can certainly see
the logic in using a weighty frame on a snowplow.

Did Russell sell kits of its plows? Do they have some sort of builders'
numbers or identification? I had visited all of the known DL&W Russells
extant ca.1990, and none of those on the tender frames had any plates or
serial numbers. DL&W's Keyser Valley car shops built all kinds of equipment
in the 20th Century, and it may have simply copied the Russell design and
bought the specialty parts from Russell. If in your travels you came across
any factory data, it would be nice to know what Russell has on the subject.
Did any other roads build plows rather than buy them ready-to-run?

Thanks in advance ....Mike

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