Re: Looking for a Short Line

Tony Thompson

John Miller wrote:
I don't know if this is the correct venue to ask this, but I will anyway. I need help in discovering a short line RR set in the early to mid 1930's (depression era). I would like to be able to research it through visits, photo's and books and then build a layout and fill it with the correct types of rolling stock appropriate for that time period.
The short line I'm interested in modeling would have had it's own road name (or even one of a major line)along with it's own rolling stock, but would also move a lot of interchange cars along it's line and might include rolling stock...from milk cars, log cars, covered hoppers to 50' auto boxes and Oh ya...lots of small to medium steamers. I've been modeling the larger mainline roads for years, but just find myself yearning for something special. There are so many of these branch lines/short lines across the country, and that being said, I'd like to hear from you all, which ones you like and why. At this point, I don't have a geographical preference, so let the suggestions fly.
One obvious possibility is the Yosemite Valley. Sure meets some of your criteria. Of course in the 1930s covered hoppers were VERY rare, on the YV or anywhere.

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