Re: Looking for a Short Line

Tony Thompson

Bruce Smith wrote:
I don't want to be "snarky" but the request by John Miller had some specific requirements. We can sit here for months and name shortlines and branches that were "cool" for so many reasons but that doesn't address the original request and I have no idea what purpose that serves. Frankly, some of the suggestions haven't even come close! Maybe if you addressed John's "druthers" it might help?

1) early to mid 1930s
2) researchable through visits, photos, books
3) move "a lot" of interchange
4) milk cars, log cars, covered hoppers, 50' auto boxes... (I'm not sure if John meant this to be a list of required car types or more that he wanted variety in the car types seen)
Very well said, Bruce, but we do need to apply some imagination here. As I already pointed out, if you take this list literally, there is a real problem because there effectively WEREN'T covered hoppers in the early to mid 1930s. So people have been doing a segue to alternatives. But of course Bruce is right, they have wandered farther and farther from the original "druthers."

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