Re: Looking for a Short Line

Richard White

Hi John,
You are getting a flood of advice - here is something a bit different.
Have you thought of a freelance railroad on which you run prototype cars? Then you can tailor your road to what you want.
I am slowly (very slowly - like a train gingerly moving along a very run-down shortline with weed-grown tracks) building the 'Wisconsin Western' inspired by an article on the Milwaukee Road's mineral Point Branch in 'Scale Trains' (a short-lived British model railway magazine) and my links with the Land Tenure Centre at the University of Wisconsin. Mostly populated with catalogue Baldwins and a variety of early low axle-load diesels.
The two volumes of 'Railroads you can model' and 'More railroads you can model' published by Kalmbach in 1976 and 1979 cover several of the branchlines, small class 1 roads and shortlines mentioned by other members in this thread.
Good luck and have fun
Richard White

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