Re: [CofGmodeler] HO Reading/NE Caboose Model?

Benjamin Hom

John Degnan asked:
"Anyone know if anyone besides Bachmann make a HO model of the style of Reading/NE Steel Caboose seen below?
Todd Horton replied:
"Life Like / Walthers Proto200 makes a nice model
Several models have been produced in HO scale of the Northeastern steel caboose over the years.  Before the P2K model, Life-Like cranked out tens of thousands trainset-quality models:
Lindberg also offered a model, later marketed by Mantua in their "Heavies" line and still available from Model Power ("Mantua Classics"): 
Eastern Car Works had a decent kit for this car, including different ends to model variations.  Some modelers had complaints about the roof curvature, so YMMV.
Ben Hom

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