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Um, Bruce--

The Texas Mexican was fully dieselised in 1939. Not sure about the Class One status, but the requirement for Class One status was for a minimum of $ 1 million annual revenue, so they must have met this at the time.

Steve Lucas.

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Moving up the Florida peninsula a bit, how about the Atlanta & St. Andrews Bay (ASAB) aka The Bay Line? After being taken over from United Fruit by International Paper in 1931, the railroad was upgraded to handle traffic from their paper plant near Panama City. Interchange with the L&N, CofG and ACL. During the 30's (and 40's) there was even Pullman car service to Atlanta. The ASAB had a large fleet of 4-6-2 pacifics over the years in question as well as several small 4-6-0s. In 1928 they bought a 2-8-2 mike from the Minaret & Western Railway. Additional 2-8-2s were obtained from the NYC in 1937-38. They were granted class 1 status and dropped steam in 1947, and by virtue of that became the 1st 100% dieselized class one railroad.

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