Re: Atlas USRA rebuild.

Benjamin Hom

Don Burn wrote:
"Actually, if you go back in the discussions you will see there are bigger
problems. While there was variance in the implementation, the variance was
no greater than the 1932 box cars Atlas did correctly. For the rebuilds
they created one car that had a number of significant features wrong, then
did not even issue it for the railroads that most closely matched that car.
Search the archives of the group it is an interesting discussion, pointing
out failure such as not enough overhang, wrong brackets etc."
The problems are even more fundamental than roof overhang or incorrect side sill brackets.  For example, consider this model:
The Santa Fe rebuilt their Class Bx-2 USRA DS boxcars into functional equivalents of prewar AAR boxcars, using rectangular panel roofs and 10-panel riveted sides.  Additionally, they increased the height of the car, using a corrugated filler plate at the top of the end resulting in a 2/5/5/5 end.  YMMV, but the model has the wrong roof, wrong ends, and is too short in height.  That's a deal breaker even before you get to things like side sill brackets (which are wrong too).
This example is even more laughable:
The prototype is familiar to participants of the first Shake-and-Take project at Cocoa Beach.  KCS made the most extensive modifications to the original USRA DS cars, essentially dropping a postwar AAT car body on the original underframe.  Atlas would be better served by slapping the paint scheme on an ex-Branchline postwar AAR boxcar body - it would be a closer model than this POS.
We can go over each of Atlas' offerings in this manner, but you get my point.
Ben Hom

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