Re: Atlas 1932 ARA Boxcar - Again

Bill Welch

The undecorated kit version of the Erie car I have has the correct roof and ends and the correct shorter "tab" under the door with the extra tab on the sill to the right of this long tab.

Bill Welch

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Atlas says these are new paint schemes.

Are any of the cars prototypically accurate?

Jim Lancaster

Well, let's take them one at a time.

Erie - Paint and lettering are right on but will the model have
"Buckeye" ends? I'd like to think so but expect that is asking
too much. IIRC it may have a "Viking" roof, however. See
Culotta pages 124 - 139.

MEC - Nice job and accurate for those repainted from 1947 until

Cordially, Don Valentine

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