Re: ACL O-14A box cars

Tony Thompson

Al Brown wrote:
Lofton (RMC 9/89 pp 53-61), Culotta (RMC 9/04 pp 90-97), and Wider (RP CYC 24 pp 65-113) all state that the ACL and C&WC O-14 rebuilds kept the original roofs, and the cars they show indeed appear to have peaked roofs; Goolsby (Lines South 10/89 pp 1-13) makes no general statement, but all the cars in his article look to have peaked roofs too. This doesn't prove no car got an odd roof, of course, but I don't know of any. (On ACL a subclass is a rebuild.)

AFAIK the O-14 rebuilds kept their 5/5/5 ends, too. (By contrast, the O-*16* rebuilds got a variety of ends.)
Thanks, Al, This is what RP CYC 24 says. I should just go with that instead of trying to interpret fuzzy photos. But I appreciate the help.

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