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Todd Horton

"CofG - Appears to be accurate for a short-term paint design used for
only a year or two in the very early 1950's. See Culotta p.28."

These cars were only painted this scheme for a short time period but they still carried this paint many years later. I recall seeing a photo of a Cof G car in the 70's still wearing the "Streamlined Money Saver" paint scheme.

Todd Horton

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Atlas says these are new paint schemes.

Are any of the cars prototypically accurate?

Jim Lancaster
Well, let's take them one at a time.

CofG - Appears to be accurate for a short-term paint design used for
only a year or two in the very early 1950's. See Culotta p.28.

Erie - Paint and lettering are right on but will the model have
"Buckeye" ends? I'd like to think so but expect that is asking
too much. IIRC it may have a "Viking" roof, however. See
Culotta pages 124 - 139.

MEC - Nice job and accurate for those repainted from 1947 until
about 1954. The earlier MEC version from Atlas is also good.
See Cullota page 144.

NS - I have nothing to go on for this special merchandise service
paint job nor does it appear in Ted Culotta's book.

NC&StL - Right on for the "as built" paint and nice to have to go
with the earlier Atlas "cigar band" paint plan. One can
also add the "To and From Dixieland" slogan above the
reporting marks of this new version if decals can be found.
See Culotta page 170 & 174.

SAL - Appears to be right on for repaints from 1953 to about 1960.
See Culotta page 203.

With the exception of the MEC, which I was personally involved with from 1969 until about six months after the Guilford takeover, I have relied soley on Ted Culotta's wonderful book on the 1932 ARA cars.
To me this is the single best book ever written about a particular car type and one which no one interested in them should try to do without.
I just hope Ted can get things squared away so that he might offer more of what he has provided for us in the past. I know well what he has been through in the past two to three years, wish him well and recognize
his many wonderful contributions to our enjoyment of the hobby.

In closing it appears I need to take another look at the Atlas USRA rebuilds. Anyone know of a good book to suggest?

Cordially, Don Valentine

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