Re: Atlas USRA rebuild.

CJ Riley

I think it is a valid technique and worth including in AOI. Could you find a spot for the photo and write a cap? I would be delighted.

You might remember Kline shading the indent in O scale hopper cars very effectively.

CJ Riley
Bainbridge Island WA

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Subject: Re: [STMFC] Atlas USRA rebuild.

Tony Thompson wrote:
"I have been following the discussion of this model with some interest, because I tried a kind of "stand-in solution" to the underframe issue. It certainly does not correct the problem but it does help. If interested, you can read about it in my blog post, which is at this link.

Surprisingly, it helps out a lot.
One other caution about reusing Chad Boas' sidesill castings - besides the eight vs. ten panel side issue, there were different brackets, with triangular, trapezoidal, and T-shaped brackets evident on rebuilt boxcars.
Ben Hom


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