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I have recently received a CNR reefer from my friend that makes
them. He is making references to CNR #11 gray, and thought Scalecoat makes
it. I did not see it in the current color listing. I would be tempted to use
Scalecoat M O W gray since I have it but I see a tinge of green? Maybe?
Since it is almost completely built up with full underbody I can't fudge it

Is/was #11 Scalecoat CNR gray?

If you have a new sealed bottle that could be extraneous I would like to buy
it. It could be a few years old without too much concern. I would prefer a
2 oz bottle but could get by with 1 oz. I am not interested in Floquil. I
see Tru Color is possibly coming out with CNR gray. I would like to get the
car done before November.

The fifst thing I would do for any CNR paint color is check with the CNR Historical SIG. The group, in the past, has carried Scalecoat
paints mixed to match CNR colors. I believe the gray you seek is/was one of the colors offered.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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