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Richard Hendrickson

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Those DL&W quads were in reality 300 cars purchased from the Boston & Maine, which are very close to the B&O quads represented by the blue-box Athearn car. I have a few in the closet that I hope will be so modified one day.

Pictures of these cars are not common -- maybe one or two have surfaced showing an entire car with any clarity. The partial cars show up and they appeared to be in the standard DL&W paint with the "Road of Anthracite" heralds nearly centered under the name.

Here's a photo of a batch of empties in 1954 that illustrates the anthracite region nearing the end of the anthracite era. Somewhere in this yard should be a couple of quads.
Mike, as you may know (but should keep it to yourself if you do), Broadway Limited is well along with product development on HO scale ARA quad hoppers. They intend to do a B&M version, and I'm sure would do a DL&W version as well if you could provide them with photographic evidence of the P/L scheme. I haven't a single photo of these cars - but then, my resources are slender on hoppers in general, since - for my owns purposes - hopper photos aren't very useful because I model Southern California in the late '40s, where eastern coal hoppers were less common than helium tank cars.

Richard Hendrickson

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