40ft Athearn Flatcar kit - does it represent any prototype?

jatravia <jatravia@...>


I recently purchased an Athearn blue box flatcar kit at a flee market,
cheap, for sake of practicing weathering. It is a 40ft flatcar w/
stakes (model #1350 if I'm reading the box right). It is lettered for
the Pennsy and is # 425500. The car data that I can read suggest a
build date of 1950.

I was going to assemble and weather it as is but I am curious: does this
car match any prototype close enough to warrant an upgrade? I wasn't
able to find a photo of the real PRR 425500 but it does appear to have
actually been a flatcar. Any thoughts? I'd be interested in trying a
full repaint and decal job if someone could point me in the right
direction. Otherwise I'm going to weather it and forget it.

Thank you,

Joe Travia <><

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