Re: 40ft Athearn Flatcar kit - does it represent any prototype?

Bruce Smith


Definitely not appropriate for PRR. The classic PRR 40' flat is the FM, which has been produced in HO in resin by Sunshine and F&C. There are no RTR or shake the box kits for this class (The Red Caboose flat is sold as a PRR FM but is not close).

According to the RPI site, the Athearn 40 flat is a relatively odd prototype due to the 11 stake pockets. Some railroads they list with fishbelly side sill 40' cars with 11 stake pockets include ACL. Monon, Rutland, TA&G, TP&W, and possibly some NYC cars. The review goes on to state that making it a 12 pocket flat increases the prototype possibilities, but to be honest, the analysis posted there seems a little dated and thin on details.



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On Aug 15, 2013, at 5:48 AM, jatravia wrote:


I recently purchased an Athearn blue box flatcar kit at a flee market,
cheap, for sake of practicing weathering. It is a 40ft flatcar w/
stakes (model #1350 if I'm reading the box right). It is lettered for
the Pennsy and is # 425500. The car data that I can read suggest a
build date of 1950.

I was going to assemble and weather it as is but I am curious: does this
car match any prototype close enough to warrant an upgrade? I wasn't
able to find a photo of the real PRR 425500 but it does appear to have
actually been a flatcar. Any thoughts? I'd be interested in trying a
full repaint and decal job if someone could point me in the right
direction. Otherwise I'm going to weather it and forget it.

Thank you,

Joe Travia <><

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