Links was Re: Some steam era freight car content on the Library of Congress site

Douglas Harding

At the risk of jail time, the difficulty on clicking on links to access
websites, might have to do with your choice of software. I use MS Outlook
for email, which gives you the option of enabling embedded links to work,
the default is to have this turned off for security reasons. I have mine set
so links show up in blue and a click will open my browser and take me to the
site. Other email programs no doubt have similar security features. A recent
update may have disabled the feature. Look for options or settings in your
email program.

It could be your browser is set to disable links, again a recent update
could have disabled the feature. Or a switch to a different browser might be
the issue. I use Firefox, links in messages I get work.

If you read the list on line, Yahoo has been doing some upgrades. I don't
think it has hit the STMFC list, but it might have. I just went to the
website and noticed that links do not function in online posts, at least not
in Firefox. You have to copy and paste, or you can triple click and
highlight the link, then right click to activate the link.

Depending on your choice of software and how you access your yahoo group
messages, what works for me may not work for you.

Now back to those wonderful photos of freight cars.

Doug Harding

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