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These have not been done by Kadee, but they have been by "The Steamshack",
a hobby shop in Rutland, VT as kits or RTR. Roger Dumas owns The Steamshack
and is involved with the RRHS. The later runs, which were done by
Intermountain, are considered by many as the most accurate of all models of
the Rutland PS-1's. The lettering comes from paint diagrams from the
Rutland, have metal roof-walks, yellow roofs, proper brake wheel and metal
wheel sets. When I last talked to Roger a month or so ago, he had some RTR
cars left, but I don't recall what numbers they were that he had.

Steamshack's contact information - *The Steam Shack*. 98 Allen Street, *
Rutland*, *Vermont* USA 05701. Telephone: 802-775-1679

If you'd like to know what numbers were made, go to . There is a listing of PS-1's
that have been done in HO scale.

Hope this helps.


Phillip Blancher

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Thank you Phillip and Tim:

The best for me would be: Rutland 150-199 50 2-55 lot 8225 7' 5P Sup Univ
Apex ASF A3

I just did a quick check of the Kadee site and they have never done this
group. I think I will write them and encourage them to consider it.

Bill Welch

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This is (essentially) a cut and paste from Ed Hawkin's PS-1 spreadsheet:

Rutland 100-107 8 8-54 lot 8175B 7' YSD-2 Ajax Gypsum ASF A3
Rutland 108-149 42 10-54 lot 8207 7' 5P Sup Univ Apex ASF A3
Rutland 150-199 50 2-55 lot 8225 7' 5P Sup Univ Apex ASF A3
Rutland 200-299 100 3-56 lot 8281 7' 5P Sup Univ Apex ASF A3
Rutland 300-399 101 8-56 lot 8300 8' PS Univ Apex ASF A3 #223
Rutland 400-450 52 4-57 lot 8373 8' PS Apex ASF A3 #354

Tim O'Connor

Were all of the well-known green & yellow Rutland PS-1's built in
1956 (and perhaps afterward) or conversely were any built before
October 1955?
Bill Welch


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