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Armand Premo

Tim,You reopened an old wound.Silver roofs or Yellow roofs or merely an over-spray which was not uncommon.Actually the roofs were unpainted galvanize and not painted silver.Armand Premo

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Uh-oh, you're not one of the "yellow roofers" are ya? :-)

Clearly, some had yellow roofs, some did not. Has anyone ever
figured out which cars had which?

I'm looking at a nice photo of brand new R #248, with a plain
galvanized roof and black seam caps. This is one of Kadee's
car numbers, but not Steamshack's.

Tim O'

>These have not been done by Kadee, but they have been by "The Steamshack",
>a hobby shop in Rutland, VT as kits or RTR. Roger Dumas owns The Steamshack
>and is involved with the RRHS. The later runs, which were done by
>Intermountain, are considered by many as the most accurate of all models of
>the Rutland PS-1's. The lettering comes from paint diagrams from the
>Rutland, have metal roof-walks, yellow roofs, proper brake wheel and metal
>wheel sets. When I last talked to Roger a month or so ago, he had some RTR
>cars left, but I don't recall what numbers they were that he had.
>Steamshack's contact information - *The Steam Shack*. 98 Allen Street, *
>Rutland*, *Vermont* USA 05701. Telephone: 802-775-1679
>If you'd like to know what numbers were made, go to
> . There is a listing of PS-1's
>that have been done in HO scale.
>Hope this helps.

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