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Bill Schneider

I'm well aware of the "yellow/silver roof". discussions.. But this thread
has presented some additional information that I was not aware of and might
shed a little light on this.

Erie cars of that time period often had unpainted galvanized roofs (note -
Not "painted silver"). If the first Rutland cars were in fact ex-Erie
orders, is it not likely that PS just painted the sides/ends as they would
have on the rest of the Erie order, leaving the roof unfinished?

Just sayin'..

Bill Schneider

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Yes, I am a member of the Yellow-Roof Society. That doesn't mean I don't
believe some had unpainted Galvanized roofs. I haven't done a lot of
research yet, but I suspect the Yellow Roof, Silver Roof issue has to deal
with not all of the PS-1's coming from the same plant.

Based just on the fact that there are 24 numbers available from various
Intermountain releases vs 4 numbers from Kadee, I went with Intermountain.
Earlier kits from Steamshack, Express Station and Intermountain needs
updates such as metal roof walks, lettering improvements and other tweaks.
Thankfully we have Plano roof walks and other detail parts. If you can get
them, Jerry Glow makes decals to help fix the lettering on the earlier runs
as well. The decals were designed with help from many in the RRHS and lots
of photos.


Phillip Blancher

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Uh-oh, you're not one of the "yellow roofers" are ya? :-)

Clearly, some had yellow roofs, some did not. Has anyone ever
figured out which cars had which?

I'm looking at a nice photo of brand new R #248, with a plain
galvanized roof and black seam caps. This is one of Kadee's
car numbers, but not Steamshack's.

Tim O'


These have not been done by Kadee, but they have been by "The
a hobby shop in Rutland, VT as kits or RTR. Roger Dumas owns The
and is involved with the RRHS. The later runs, which were done by
Intermountain, are considered by many as the most accurate of all models
the Rutland PS-1's. The lettering comes from paint diagrams from the
Rutland, have metal roof-walks, yellow roofs, proper brake wheel and
wheel sets. When I last talked to Roger a month or so ago, he had some
cars left, but I don't recall what numbers they were that he had.

Steamshack's contact information - *The Steam Shack*. 98 Allen Street, *
Rutland*, *Vermont* USA 05701. Telephone: 802-775-1679

If you'd like to know what numbers were made, go to . There is a listing of PS-1's
that have been done in HO scale.

Hope this helps.



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