Re: Rutland PS-1

Tim O'Connor

I don't know if I can agree with that Bill. Car exteriors were painted
after the whole car was assembled, so why wouldn't they paint the WHOLE
car according to the Rutland's instructions?

On the other hand, Pullman-Standard did produce some oddly painted cars.
For example, most C&NW PS-1 box cars had black ends and roofs -- but the
#24739 was delivered with box car red ends and roof. There's a beautiful
builder photo of this car so many vendors have painted some C&NW PS-1's
incorrectly, including Intermountain.

Tim O'

I'm well aware of the "yellow/silver roof". discussions.. But this thread
has presented some additional information that I was not aware of and might
shed a little light on this.

Erie cars of that time period often had unpainted galvanized roofs (note -
Not "painted silver"). If the first Rutland cars were in fact ex-Erie
orders, is it not likely that PS just painted the sides/ends as they would
have on the rest of the Erie order, leaving the roof unfinished?

Just sayin'..

Bill Schneider

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