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West Palm?!?!? Wow! I should hie me to UCF and look up Orlando.


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... but one might ask more specifically: (1) how far South was anthracite used for home heating? (2) how else was anthracite used? I'm not an expert on coal, and I wouldn't know where to look it up.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.
Hi Al,

(1) I have a scan of the 1954/54 West Palm Beach City Directory, which puts us in the correct era and pretty far south. The Guaranty Warehouse Co. had a display advertisement touting its delivery service of efficient clean-burning anthracite. This is just an example I happened to be working on recently, but it is not uncommon to see similar ads for coal dealers as you peruse city directories across the south (from the 50s).

(2) Advantages (relative to bituminous and lignite) are clean burning, low ash, high heat content, higher combustion temperature. Drawback was cost. Besides residential use, the most frequent occurrences I have seen were in smelting, high-temperature metallurgy, and chemical manufacturing. Most of the ordinary "gray-iron" foundries (which are fairly low temperature processes) tended to use bituminous or coke from what I've been able to tell.


Charles Hostetler
Goshen Ind.

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