Re: ID freight cars at Chehalis

Brad Andonian

I pass this regularly, not sure about history of ownership of the cars.    However, here is a link to their website; I am sure you can query them and find out---its great to have a few of these outlets left!    Snoqualmie is ok and the Mt Rainier Scenic is supposed to be the best in our area...
Brad Andonian

From: Robert Kirkham <rdkirkham@...>
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Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2013 1:51 PM
Subject: [STMFC] ID freight cars at Chehalis

I was driving up Interstate Highway 5 yesterday and had a 5 minute stop at Chehalis WA, where there are 10 or more steam era freight cars (with the possible exception of some flat cars that may be more recent).

I took quick snap shots - awaiting moderator approval. The cars are numbered as follows:
a.. steel boxcar - LNWX 201
b.. double sheathed boxcar - LNWX 230
c.. steel boxcar - LNWX 200
d.. closed hopper - obliterated
e.. gon - LNWX 300
f.. Steel ribbed boxcar - MILW 33283 (I think I figured that one out!)
g.. drop centre flat – no number evident
h.. flat (no reporting mark) #647
i.. plus others out of site from my vantage point.

I’ve posted some snaps in a folder titled “Chehalis WA rolling stock”, which will hopefully be approved shortly.

I’d appreciate some help determining the steam-era ownership of any of the cars (except the MILW car, of course). Anyone know how they came to be collected by the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad & Museum?

Rob Kirkham

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