Re: Some steam era freight car content on the Library of Congress site

paul.doggett2472 <paul.doggett2472@...>

At the moment the links via yahoo are working for me
Paul Doggett

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I did try Google for the search and typed in the entire string. Google, unlike IE. got me to one of the pictures, not the Library of Congress site. Will try more later.

George Courtney

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Guys -

I think it is something that Yahoo has done. I have IE6 and am having the same trouble in each of my Yahoo groups, except for images in the "BullShippers" Yahoo group - the links there still work the old way! In other words, the link shows up in blue and you can click on it successfully! What is going on here??

A.T. Kott

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Ditto, but also when I write down and type the www.lov.govfas.....etc in on Yahoo search I get the Library of Congress photos, but a message it can't find those photos. Hmmmm. I did go to the latest Internet Explorer recently. A move I now regret.

George Courtney

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ED, I have the same problem. Until just recently, those links would show up in blue and clicking on them worked just fine. Not any more. Now they are black like everything else and clicking does nothing. I have the same problem on the MFCL Yahoo group.

Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV

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Is there some reason why I can't click on these? I used to be able to.
Is it my computer or does everyone have this problem?

Ed Mines

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