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Michael Aufderheide

Not to discount the interesting information on the use of hard coal in Florida (I echo the "West Palm!!!!") but it might be that the car was loaded off line. In the Monon conductor logs I've gone through, 8 of the 522 cars carrying coal were from anthracite roads, 2 from LV. These cars were loaded on Monon's Midland branch in SW Indiana with bituminous coal.

Of these 8 cars 6 were routed south to Louisville, 1 to Indianapolis, and one to Alida, Indiana for the B&O. Not a large percentage of the total cars, but an interesting variety.

For those of you that might be interested, 59 railroads are represented in the 522 cars. 135 of these are home road Monon cars: astondingly high, in my opinion, for a road that only had 1500 gons/hoppers at the time.

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Mike Aufderheide

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