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Tim O'Connor wrote:
"An interesting car. I'd like to know about the original car built
in 1929 that was used for this rebuild. Is it possibly ex-NYC like
some other Atlantic & Danville rebuilds?"
NOT NYC, but N&W Class B-7A, rebuilt from Class BS in 1949.  (The car is still lettered for its N&W car class.)  This is not a SS or DS to steel rebuild - it's a somewhat unusual early steel auto car to larger steel boxcar rebuild.
Class BS:
Class B-7A
Photos are from the Virginia Tech Norfolk Southern collection.

Thanks Ben. On first glance it looked like the ends had been reused
but then it was noticed that the ends on the rebuild are two=piece while the originals are three-piece. Thus we have new sides, new ends and what is clearly a new roof.....all of which leaves me to wonder
why bother? was someone trying to give the home shop folks something to do or was their really that much savings in reusing only the old floor/frame system and trucks? Removing the the smaller, lefthand door and welding in a new side piece I can understand but tnis seems
to be an extravagently expensive way to gain a very few cubic feet on interior space. There must be more to this story than the photos reveal!

Cordially, Don Valentine

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