Truck Springs for older sprung trucks

JP Barger

Hello, all,

This is a plea for help in finding more old used or unused truck springs
from many different HO truck makers. These springs were a feature of most
of the leading manufacturers' cars from about 1940 to when unsprung plastic
trucks began to take over around 1965. I am in the middle of cleaning up,
removing flash, painting and reassembling older sprung die cast, plastic and
brass trucks. I've come to the end of my own supply of springs, have also
used Kadee springs, currently available, but would prefer to achieve matches
with original springs. This would be to get reasonably equal spring
performance from pairs of springs. The springs I need are hiding on purpose
in parts and tool drawers and other odd places, like kit boxes and little
bags, all apparently to avoid being put to work.

Do you perhaps have some spare springs in a little container, loose or in
original envelopes, you might share with me? I can compensate you if the
price is reasonable. I like to put my older HO car collection back together
with roughly the same parts as the maker provided, when that leads to a
smoothly working model. I also enjoy putting older equipment into 'as
supplied' or pristine condition. I also sometimes substitute my own Reboxx
wheelsets when the original ones won't do the job. The game is to get
flawless running with absolutely no electrical shorts. Thanks in advance for
any help offered.

I'm also available to help everyone with balky or derailing equipment, in
order to bring their equipment up to first class running standards.

JP Barger

4 Central Green

Winchester, MA 01890

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