Re: Yet more LoC images...

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Jack,

Good to have your additional interpretations for these!

- Claus Schlund

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Claus, thanks.
A couple of comments added below.

Claus Schlund wrote:

Yet more LoC images...

Possible IHB (!) reefers awaiting icing
The IHB cars appear to be ice service cars delivering ice to the facility, (or loading ice going to another). Note that they aren't spotted at the high level icing deck but at a car floor level platform.

Helium car!
and at
and at
and at
IIRC some years ago it was mentioned on this list (I think) that two-car helium shipments were typical in the WW2 period. The two cars here are a nice example.

Jack Mullen


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