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Dave Boss

           According to my Bessemer roster 2 groups of gons. came from the Union R.R. 1st 18001-18025dteel gon. blt. 1953 70 ton Greenville second hand. 2nd group18051-18063 second hand steel gons. with cont. slope sheet, blt. 1954 70 ton Greenville. There is no evidence of gons. in the 6000or 9000 series going to the B&LE. in the roster I have Dave Boss

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The URR gons didn't go to LT. They bought them new...different build year and different builder. The McKCRR cars also are not URR cars.  I have seen builders photos of all three. And there are subtle differences between at least the McKCRR cars and the URR cars.
I was unaware of any of the URR 6000 or 9000 series cars going to B&LE, but would like to know that...  Somebody on another list stated that these URR 50' cars were rebuilt into the G-11 gondolas in the fifties. I have no way of verifying that, but they disappear from the ORERs quickly in the early '50s IIRC.
Charlie Tapper

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I have over 150 B&LE pics I've found online. They painted 50' double door
box cars, some low side gondolas, and some other gondolas (e.g. "Coil Coach")
in this paint scheme.



Digging up info on the "steel" roads is incredibly hard, since they swapped around and rebuilt equipment with great regularity and little documentation, but the "37 AAR" cars B&LE owned do seem to have been largely rebuilt with new side sill reinforcements, roofs and other enhancements starting that year. The bright orange paint and big logo were not applied to anything else I have seen evidence of. Some of the B&LE cars went to EJ&E, with simple paint outs. Lots of gons went back and forth, but there has not been a lot of discussion on those. The 50-foot gon done up by F&C made its rounds, from URR to B&LE, LT, and others. It would make a great research project....

Elden Gatwood
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