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Kenneth Montero

While they were renumbered and lettered for the Southern, they still carried a Central of Georgia subsidiary marking "C of G" in the upper left corner. Southern did this style of subsidiary markings (in different places) with locomotives, freight cars and passenger cars owned by its subsidiaries.

Ken Montero

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A bit of post-1960 service history (for which I hope not to be arrested) because the cars are unusual and become even more so:
Over 1965-1966, 558 cars out of 6300-6499; 6500-6599; and 6600-6999 were rebuilt to IL = 50-6 by Transco and renumbered into CG 2441-2998. The original double doors were kept. The added 10' center roof sections were diagonal panels. A prominent side sill reinforcement was added between the bolsters, the running board removed, and ladders cut down.

In 1-1970 there were 549 of these cars in service.

They were renumbered into the Southern as SOU 521500-522057.

Eric Lombard

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Cleaning my workbench today and found a sunshine mini-kit for a Central of
Georgia 40 ft' Door and a half boxcar. Looking at some pics of the cars I
believe they were W corners is this correct? Did these cars stay with 10 ft
openings for their service lives? Some RR's welded or removed the Aux door
when 40 ft cars with 10 ft openings went out of favor for Automobile

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga, NY

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