Re: MKT Single Sheathed boxcars

O Fenton Wells

Thanks Richard. I have the mineral red car but was wondering if I could
justify the cool yellow one. I think I have the correct car.
fenton wells

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I need some help on the MKT. If one were modeling November 1952 and
wanted to purchase the Speedwitch MKT SS car would the yellow or boxcar red
car be appropriate for that time?
Fenton Wells
Fenton, you can go either way on this. The yellow paint was apparently
adopted late in 1941 (I have photos of a car painted mineral red at Denison
in 10-41 and one painted yellow by the same shop in 11-41). The Katy went
back to painting box cars mineral red ca. 1949 (again, I have a photo of a
car repainted mineral red at Denison in 4-49). However, I have several
photos of cars still painted yellow in 1951-'52-'53. So yellow is okay for
11-52 if you're willing to do some weathering, but by that date recently
repainted cars would have been mineral red.

Richard Hendrickson

Fenton Wells
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